The beauty of a self-catering cottage holiday is the convenience of door-to-door travel.  You can bring as much as you can pack in your car without worrying about baggage allowances or cramming bags into overhead bins on busy trains or planes.

To ensure your stress-free arrival at Heisgeir View, we make sure that 

  • The house key is in the key safe at the door 
  • A welcome tray is laid out for you in the kitchen
  • All beds are made up and towels laid out 
  • You can literally drive your car to the door

Top tips for a relaxing first evening:

  • Bring a Tupperware container with a ready prepared, easy heat meal. My favourite is a bolognaise sauce, a bag of dried pasta and some garlic bread.

While others are bringing in the luggage, you can pop the garlic bread in the oven, boil the pasta and heat the bolognaise sauce in the microwave.  

Uncork a nice bottle of wine and your holiday has begun.  Yes, there’s a corkscrew in the kitchen!

  • Since the local shops are closed on a Sunday to respect tradition, we always stop in Skye to buy milk.  If you bring your favourite Nespresso coffee pods, Sunday morning can start with fresh coffee.  I usually have a cool bag with bacon, eggs, bread and tomatoes for a leisurely cooked breakfast.  Sometimes, I even remember to bring a container of ready mixed pancake ingredients.

 As well as eating out at the many lovely cafes and restaurants, you can still enjoy home-cooked meals without too much fuss.  There’s a slow cooker in the kitchen so that you can pop in the ingredients for a delicious casserole before you head out for the day and come home just in time for dinner.  Or make soup overnight to have in the picnic flasks for an autumn walk!

Wild flowers on North Uist machair, Outer Hebrides
Wild flowers on North Uist machair, Outer Hebrides